Reese Is Engaged

I’ve always liked Reese Witherspoon.

She’s starred in a few of my favorite movies: Legally Blonde 1 & 2, Sweet Home Alabama, and Cruel Intentions (bet ya’ll forgot about that one). She and I share a few similarities.

Her birthday is March 22, my sister’s birthday is March 22.

She was born in New Orleans. I went to LSU.

Her dad is a lieutenant colonel in the US Army Reserves, MY dad is a lieutenant colonel in the US Army Reserves.

She’s divorced with 2 kids, I’m divorced with 2 kids.

She’s a successful A-list actress earning 14 million a film, I am…..

Oh well, so anyway, recently she got engaged. YAY!!!!

Reese, 34 is now engaged to her beau Jim Toth, 40. He’s an agent at Creative Artists Agency (CAA) in Los Angeles. For those of you not familiar with CAA, they are one of the leading talent agencies in LA. They represent me, Brad Bitt (my Ex), Oprah (my BFF), George Clooney (my other Ex), Steven Speilberg, Julia Roberts (soul sister from Atlanta), and so on.

But wait, don’t assume Jim is some flabby 40 year old scumbag skanky Hollywood agent type. This dude is hawt. And her ex, Ryan Phillipe, he’s hawt too. Reese must have a coochie made of gold some really sweet Southern N’awlins charm. She’s snagged 2 lookers.

Ok ladies, now the part we’ve been waiting for: THE RING!!!

My boy Jim has got some exquisite taste. He proposed with a 4-carat Ashoka diamond stunner set on a pave diamond-and-platinum band. Ok, maybe I’ve been out of the game for a minute bc I have no clue what an “Ashoka” diamond is. So….apparently Ashoka stones are rare, with less than 10 percent of rough diamonds each year having the potential to be cut in this unique way, with 62 displayed facets and rounded corners to create a dazzling sparkle.


Best of luck to Jim and Reese. I hope she has more kids. TBC…

Reese with her ex, Ryan Phillipe

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