Mo Creates a Mii

Soooo….Mo got a new Nintendo Wii for Christmas. He played his 1st one so much it pretty much blew up.

The 1st order of business was creating new Mii characters. I took great pride in creating mine.

Mo giggles and laughs and continues to play his Wii. I go about my business. Later that day I check on him and he is giggling as I watch him play Wii basketball. Then I notice one of his teammates is my Mii character.

Me: Oh Mo, that’s cool. I’m on your team.

Mo: That’s not you Mom. That’s a new Mii I created.

Me: Really? It looks a lot like me.


Me: Umm….yeah, Mo it really does.

Mo: NO IT DOESN’T!!!! She’s my girlfriend and I even picked out her name.

Me: Hmm….

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