Mo Is Mad!

Mo is emotional. When he is happy, things are rosey. But when he is mad, HE….IS…..MAAAAAAD.

So, Mo’s latest thing is that when he gets mad he writes me a note.

He proclaims that by not speaking to me is my punishment when I’m being a mom “MEAN”.

Umm…who are we kidding? Ten minutes of peace and quite while he retreats to his room to write me a “nasty” letter is pure bliss for me. And when he goes to his Junior Prom I’m gonna bring out all his written confessionals and show his lil hot tamale Prom date. Umm hmm Mo, we’ll see who gets the last laugh.

So here is my 1st grader’s latest letter to his sexy beloved mother.

Translation: Me and my brother are gonna take a plane and never see you again and never talk to me and my brother again period.

On the bright side, perhaps he has a future in creative writing.

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