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Moms have invented many great things, the sippy cup straw cleaner, tinkle targets, the beverage barricade, even Crocs widgets. And while these are all wonderful mommy inventions, my award for mommy invention of the century goes to SIMONE I SMITH.

Simone is the ingenious creator of the perfect hoop earrings!


Simone, moms across America salute you.

I have been a hoop girl since I was in high school. But here’s the problem, I’ve ALWAYS had a hard time finding a great pair of hoops. I’ve searched malls, jewelry stores, online sites, my mom’s jewelry box, and nothing. I have probably bought 10 pairs of crappy hoops in the past year. No matter how much, or how little I spend, they’re either too big, too small, too heavy, or not the right color.

Simone is a super cool mother of 4 from New York. She’s beautiful, smart, fun, and stylish. These traits are definitely reflected in her jewelry line. Recently she had an exclusive launch party for her line in Los Angeles.

I loved getting a sneak peek and couldn’t leave without buying at least 3 pairs. In fact, I wore a pair of my busted up hoops to the party and so desperately wanted to replace them with my new purchases (I just didn’t want anyone to think I was being shady and creeping a pair out so I waited til the next day to sport them).

When I say I LOVE HER LINE, I truly mean, her earrings speak to me. I consider myself a hoop connosieur, so I feel apt to break it down for you. Her hoops come in different shapes and sizes. This is the tricky part that a lot of jewelers don’t get. There are varying degrees of length, width, thickness and color that make (yes I’m still talking about earrings) hoops perfect. Simone I. Smith gets it right. I love that her earrings come in sterling silver, yellow gold, and ROSE GOLD, as well as some with diamonds (I kept my cheap azz away from those, but admired from afar, they were lovely).

In addition to hoops, she also has really cute designs that bear her logo, which sort of resemble a butterfly but is actually her initals. She’s also working on bracelets and bangles for her line. Look for the entire collection of Simone I. Smith jewelry in stores and on her website in 2011. Until then, I’m gonna keep bragging that I have the best hoop earrings in the world!!!!

**You can see me rocking my fave Simone I Smith earrings on a photo shoot with mega talented photographer Lanisha Cole.**

Thanks Simone!!!

You can see some of her designs as her husband presents The Talk hosts, Holly Robinson Peete, Julie Chen, and Sharon Osbourne with earrings from Simone’s collection.


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