America’s Best, Affordable Places To Raise A Kid

Are you looking to re-locate your family? Or find a great city to start one? recently released it’s 10 Best Cities To Raise Kids list.

It was very interesting to see all the top cities in states I have lived in. Now, I know what areas to AVOID. I love kids, but I can’t live in an area that is dominated and centered around little people. I like being able to be near strip clubs places of adult interest. Sometimes it’s nice to get out and be around people who don’t wanna talk about Pokemon, PTA politics, and Pampers. I’m just that kind of mom. I need that balance.

But for those of you who are curious about tantrum infested popular places for the family, here ya go…

For the 2010 list, Bloomberg and stayed away from large urban areas and switched gears to smaller cities.

Here’s their search criteria:

-5,418 locations nationwide with populations larger than the state median but no larger than 50,000.

-Only locations where the median income is within 20 percent of the state’s median.

-The rankings put the most weight on school performance and the number of schools, crime statistics, and cost of living.

-Other factors included job growth, air quality, ethnic diversity, and access to recreational amenities (within the county), such as parks, zoos, theaters, and museums.

They ranked cites by each state. Check out the top reccomended cities in your state here.

10 of the Best Cities to Raise Kids

Rowland Heights
Rowland Heights

Best place to raise kids in California:Rowland Heights

Nearby city: Los Angeles
Population: 46,793
Median family income: $72,985
Runner-up: Temple City

In San Gabriel Valley about 25 miles from downtown Los Angeles, Rowland Heights is home to a large Asian community. According to data from Onboard Informatics, nearly half the population is Asian and 33.2 percent is Hispanic. The area has several highly regarded schools, including the John A. Rowland High School and Killian Elementary School. “Rowland Heights is … close enough to Los Angeles and all the excitement of big-city life, but [Rowland Heights] benefits from an influx of residents looking for a subdued setting,” states the website of real estate agent Vincent Gottuso.


Best place to raise kids in Texas:Gatesville

Nearby city: Waco
Population: 12,503
Median family income: $49,145
Runner-up: Prairie View

Home to the Gatesville Hornets, the 2000 Texas State 3A High School Football Champions (in case you weren’t aware, high school football is a BIG deal in Texas), and what may be the largest collection of spurs in the world, Gatesville is about 45 minutes due west of Waco. Job growth in the area is steady, as two of the major employers are the U.S. military in nearby Fort Hood and the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, which operates four prisons and one jail in the town, including the state’s death row for women. In 2005—the latest year for which records exist—33.3 percent of all students at Gatesville High School scored at or above criterion on the SAT, beating the state average of 21 percent.

West Seneca
West Seneca

Best place to raise kids in New York:West Seneca

Nearby city: Buffalo
Population: 43,575
Median family income:$69,188
Runner-up: Lancaster

Sure the winters may get cold, but the quality of life and affordability of this middle-class suburb of Buffalo, part of the “Southtowns” that include Orchard Park andHamburg, more than make up for it. In addition to more than a dozen parks, a soccer complex, and a nature center, it boasts the highly rated West Seneca Central School District and several parochial and private schools. For raising kids, the area lives up to the town motto: Proud Past & Unlimited Future. Now if only they could do something about the Buffalo Bills football team.

Venice Gardens
Venice Gardens

Best place to raise kids in Florida:Venice Gardens

Nearby city: Bradenton
Population: 6,822
Median family income:$57,652
Runner-up: Willow Oak

Affordable homes in Venice Gardens make the community a popular destination for first-time home buyers and active older adults. Home values in Venice Gardens, which has a voluntary homeowners association with a community pool and clubhouse, averaged about $114,300 in August, according to The area is removed from the more bustling shopping and business districts in Venice but provides easy access to them, according to the website of real estate broker Michael Saunders Co.


Best place to raise kids in Illinois:Niles

Nearby city: Chicago
Population: 29,207
Median family income:$73,532
Runner-up: Bensenville

The Leaning Tower of Niles, a half-size replica of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, is among the landmarks in this Chicago suburb. The advantages of living in Niles include public transit (there’s free bus service within in the village), 20 park sites in the district, and several shopping centers, according to the Niles Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Niles has a number of public and private schools that perform above the state average. According to data from Onboard Informatics, 14 percent of Niles residents are Asian.


Best place to raise kids inPennsylvaniaCrafton

Nearby city: Pittsburgh
Population: 6,321
Median family income:$67,890
Runner-up: State College

A tree-filled suburb of Pittsburgh, with classic Victorian homes and good schools,Crafton is a good neighborhood for kids. Shelters for picnics at Crafton Park are available for rental by residents only. The town also boasts a pool, a nine-hole golf course, summer concerts in the park, and an annual Rib and Chicken Fest put on by the local Rotary Club in the summer.

North College Hill
North College Hill

Best place to raise kids in Ohio:North College Hill

Nearby city: Cincinnati
Population: 9,778
Median family income: $57,399
Runner-up: St. Henry

Carved out of Clovernook Farm, three subdivisions – Clovernook, Meyerville, and Sunshine – combined in 1916 to form the village of North College Hill. Incorprated as a town in 1980, North College Hill is now a suburb 10 miles north of Cincinnati and known as “The Center of It All.”

Spring Arbor
Spring Arbor

Best place to raise kids in Michigan:Spring Arbor

Nearby city: Jackson
Population: 2,332
Median family income: $71,249
Runner-up: Marysville

A tiny university town in the midst of Michigan farmland, it is home to the main campus of Spring Arbor University, a liberal arts school with more than 2,000 students. The town maintains a rural feel and plenty of parks to play in, such as Lime Lake, where residents swim and fish in the summer. For golfers, there is the public Arbor Hills Golf Club, a formerly private course designed in 1925.


Best place to raise kids in Georgia:Varnell

Nearby city: Chattanooga, Tenn.
Population: 1,480
Median family income: $69,404
Runner-up: Leesburg

While Varnell is only 2.5 square miles, it offers parks and trails and is minutes from the Nob North Golf Course. It is part of the Whitfield County School District, which includes Varnell Elementary School, New Hope Elementary School, New Hope Middle School, and Northwest Whitfield High School, according to the town’s website. Varnell’s Prater’s Mill Country Fair draws many visitors in the fall.

Rural Hall
Rural Hall

Best place to raise kids in North CarolinaRural Hall

Nearby city: Winston-Salem
Population: 2,495
Median family income: $61,537
Runner-up: Statesville

Although roots of the town date back to a trapper’s cabin in the mid-18th century, the town was incorporated in 1974. This suburb of Winston-Salem has a few dozen businesses and a post office along the main commercial avenue of Broad Street. Kids are a vital part of events in town: At the 2010 Christmas Tree Lighting on Dec. 2, the Rural Hall Elementary School Chorus sang Christmas carols. Santa and his elves buoyed the Christmas spirit.

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