Losing The Baby Weight

I get a lot of emails from moms who are worried about their baby weight after giving birth.

I understand where they’re coming from. As women we wanna look and feel good, especially after having a baby.

I get big when I’m pregnant. I mean REALLY BIG. I’m not one of those women who look size 2 from behind and only have a little basketball for a belly. I look more like 2 people from behind with an entire basketball team in my belly.

I don’t care though when I’m pregnant. I eat what my body craves, because many believe this is what your child needs to grow (yes my sons were demanding Lemonheads, Little Debbie Cakes, and lobster in the womb, and by golly I gave it to them!). After the 1st trimester, I stopped looking at the scale in the doctor’s office. It seemed pointless to me. I didn’t wanna stress during pregnancy about a “number”. For WHAT? It wasn’t like I was gonna start doing PS90 3x/day. So, I continued to eat my lil chubby heart out until giving birth.

I think a lot of moms start to worry about losing the baby weight too soon. You have to let your body heal. And you need to focus on taking care of yourself and your newborn.

Once your body has recovered from the childbirth process, the key is to stay active. Your weight will start to shed naturally just from all the water and fluid loss. Breastfeeding definitely helps (I did it a year with both boys). And bc I breastfed, I drank lots of water, stayed away from dairy, and constantly craved fruit and high protein foods. I was eating about 8 times a day bc I was nursing so much.

I didn’t start to think about weight loss till my sons were 4 or 5 months. I never had much childcare help, so running to the gym for a workout usually wasn’t an option. I decided to stay fit and have fun with the kids at the same time. Mo wouldn’t sit in a stroller so I would lug him around in a baby carrier until he could practically walk up to me and climb in himself. When he was small, this was really easy for me to go on walks and shopping at the mall. He was so cozy and comfy and it left my hands free to shop! Plus no heavy stroller to take in and out the car or manuever in malls. But as he got bigger, it definitely took a toll on my back. Since he started walking at 8 months, I would start chasing him on walks in the neighborhood very early on. He loved it.

I was determined to make Bronson a stroller baby. I invested in a great jogger stroller and would walk all around town with Bronson. It was the best exercise without even feeling like I was working out. Plus, when you have 2, you are definitely on the go much more, which means I’m always chasing after Bronson at Mo’s soccer practice, school events, etc.

On top of staying active with the kids, I suggest to moms to find an activity they enjoy and commit one day a week to it. It could be something like a pilates class, boot camp, yoga, spinning, pole dancing, whatever you fancy. This is a great opportunity for you to have a scheduled workout, but as a mom, you need time for yourself to regroup. Being around your kids a lot is fun, but can also be stressful. It’s nice to bond with a group of women on a regular basis. You will be getting shape, but you’ll also get some great intrinsics benefits as well.

So those are my tips for getting back in shape after the baby.

1.Give your body time to reccuperate while you rest and enjoy your newbown. Do not stress about losing weight!

2. Stay active with your kids and make  it fun.

3. Drink lots of water and eat sensibly.

4. Find a workout class you enjoy and attend regularly once a week not only for the exercise benefits but for the adult socialization and sense of renewal.

And always remember, your kids will love and cherish you no matter what you look like. 🙂

Pregnant with Bronson

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