Baby Must Haves

I remember being pregnant with Mo and buying EVERY SINGLE baby gimmick and gadget on the market. Really? Did I need a singing diaper bag or swarvoski crystal paci holder? SMH.

After having Bronson, I realized there are only a few essentials new moms need. They are cool inventions, yet very basic and reasonably priced items that will make a mom’s life easier.

Here are my recs for new moms/baby shower gifts/holiday gifts:

Wipes Warmer– ($17.54)

I didn’t get this until Mo was about 6 months. He would cry and cry during late night diaper changes and once I got it, that stopped. Coincidence? Who knows. But if someone woke me up at 1AM, I would much rather my azz be wiped with something warm than an ice cold wipe.

Diaper Depot– $12.48

I hate clutter and covet convience. This item just puts everything at your fingertips for diaper changes. When your newborn is so tiny, you don’t wanna be phishing around for the essentials. The wipes warmer fits perfectly on the top with 2 diaper slots underneath, and side compartments for lotion/soap/washcloths/thermometeror w.e.

Butt Paste– $14.99

I used this with both boys and they have never had any kind of rash or problems down there.  No redness, irritation, nothing. I also use it for other rashes and dryness. It’s also great for chafing, general rashes, dry skin, burns, etc…Butt paste ain’t just good for the azz.

Sound Machine– $22.74

My favorite setting is the white noise sound. It basically helps to drown out any outside noises like: older siblings screaming and playing, doors slamming, washing dishes, etc. thus helping baby (and you ) sleep. The white noise setting simulates the noises they heard while they were in the womb. To our ears, it sounds like a bad AM station, but to them it is comfort. Some also have ocean, rain, heartbeat, etc settings. Make sure you get one with an AC adapter. I let mine run all night. It also helps in the future to aid sleep training. As soon as my boys hear this machine go on, they know it’s time to get some shut eye.

Ultimate Crib sheet– $30

This is my #1 must have item for new parents. I used it from birth until they gave up the crib. I read so many rave reviews about this when I was pregnant. I thought it was dumb. Then one night at 2AM, 3 month old Mo had a huge diaper blowout. Poop was all over him and the crib sheet. This wonderful sheet is extra thick so it doesn’t soak thru. I just popped it off and he was able to sleep on top of his regular sheet and no need for me to take off all his bedding, bumper, etc in the middle of the night. This is such a lifesaver! There are a couple similar products on the market that are a little cheaper.

Having a new baby in the house can take some time to adjust. Anything that helps make this transition easier (for you and baby) is a great investment!

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