Shoe Steal

With the holiday season around the corner, I often find it easier to get great deals online in the comfort of my own home, and having shopping items delivered right to my door.

I’ve always been frugal, but as a mom, I am always looking to save money.I find some really good deals on there.

Ebay is awesome.

You can get great stuff from homemade items to designer shoes, clothes, and handbags. When buying designer items, you have to be REALLY careful about knockoffs.

My latest find is a pair of $450 Tory Burch♥ ankle boots for $75!!!!

Sooooo, here’s the catch:

The boots were a damaged item returned to the store. The zipper on one of the shoes was broken. Other than that, BRAND NEW.

The seller was very reputable and their specialty is selling shoes that have been returned, in-store demos, and/or slight imperfections. I took a chance. They arrived in a couple days in the original box with the Nordstrom return sticker intact. They were in perfect condition.

I loaded Bronson into his stroller and we walked to the shoe repair store around the corner.

Bronson worked his 2 year old charm and got the zipper replaced for $8!!!!!

With a little footwork, I got a pair of FAB designer boots for a fraction of the cost. And who is gonna know?

Duh….everyone, because I will tell anyone that listens about my bargain when I wear them!!!!

Oh, and I did I mention the ♥free shipping♥? High fives for me!

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