Not Loving Louboutins (Part 2)

Ok, so you know I am not a fan of Christian Louboutin shoes and their pricetag. I have said before that some people are just branding whores. They wanna wear something just because of the name brand. So this clouds one’s judgement to think for themselves. thus, they buy something that really isn’t cute and they end up looking stupid.

YES, they make some cute shoes, BUT, they also have quite a few violations. If these shoes didn’t have the red sole on the bottom, would people still pay the high sticker price? Probably not.

I assure you these shoes are straight from the Bergdorf Goodman Louboutin Fall Collection.

As before, here is my evidence:

Leopard Print Lace-Up Bootie $1795

The only thing I think of when I see this is Peggy Bundy

Metallic Suede Lace-Up Bootie $1395

Remember that Madonna fad when we wore those headbands and jelly bracelets?

Lip Print Lace Pump $795

Lips on shoes? Seriously? I will gladly put my lip stain on anyone’s shoes and only charge you the bargain price of $150.

Crystal Encrusted Ballerina Flat $2395

Somewhere ooooover the Rainbow…

Ziparent Sandal $795

I have said before how some CL are just stripper shoes for the rich.

Hooker, hooker, hooker. Someone tell Julia Roberts we found her shoes from Pretty Woman.

There is nothing wrong being fashionable, but use sound judgement and don’t just buy something because “everyone else is wearing it”.

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