I hate washing my hair.

I prolly wash my hair 3x/month. Yeah, I know…it’s gross, but come on….it’s long, thick, messy. It just takes too much time and energy. Besides, dirty hair styles better, right?

So, like many moms, getting my hair did, is not high on my priority list. Mostly because I just don’t have the time.

****(Keep reading….This is where it gets good)****

Alli Webb gets this concept! She is a mom of 2 young boys. With a background in PR and hair, she  started Drybar. It’s basically a blowout bar (overworked moms…go back and re-read that…it says blowOUT bar). Their motto is: No cuts. No color. Just blowouts for only $35. Perfect for busy moms, and already a hot trend in LA.

I love it because I have such long hair, haircuts are easily $75-100. And I’m usually holed up in a salon for 2.5 hours. Yeah, I have much better and high profile things to be doing like checking Mo’s homework, camoflauging the injuries Bronson’s headbutting habit inflicts upon me, and packing school lunches. No time to be a-wasting at a hair place. Drybar tries to get you in and out in 30 minutes (mine took an hour, but I have an insane amount of hair).

I loved my Drybar experience. They are currently open in Brentwood, West Hollywood, and Studio City. Future locations are coming to Newport Beach, Pacific Palisades, Dallas, and Scottsdale.

My fave things about my Drybar experience:

1. They use Kerastase products- these are the best hair products EH-VERRR! They’re kind of pricey but the results are amazing. Even the knottiest, nappiest, most tangled tresses will shine with Kerastase.

2. High tech touches- 2 large Plasma tvs are in front of the styling chairs to enjoy ongoing chic flicks. This way you can enjoy a movie and not worry about mindless banter with the annoying woman next to you. Also, iPhone/iPod charging station at each chair. Who thinks of this? Ok, I have a blackberry and didn’t benefit from the charger, but still I appreciate the technologically forward thinking.

3. Nice staff- My experience anywhere is always shaped by customer service. A lot of LA hair places have more attitude floating around than Botox. Not here, everyone was very friendly and all the employees had great hairstyles. Why would I want someone with a jacked up “Do” styling my hair?

4. Free food and drink- Another biggie for me, FREEBIES and FOOD! A small assortment of cookies greet you as well as large containers of water garnished with fresh fruit. It’s the attention to little details I appreciate.

5. Online booking- Who wants to talk to a real live human? Ugh….not me. Especially when I have a 2 yer old in the background screaming, “watch Mater! watch Cars!”. I love being able to schedule my own appt online. Super user friendly. They even send an e-mail appt confirmation, reminder, and thank you after service. Very easy and efficient.

6. The cutest gift certificates- I love all the Drybar branding and packaging. Their gift cards are super cute and they make it look all pretty. You can buy them in store or online (HINT HINT!)

7. Choices! There are 5 hairstyles to choose from:

Straight Up (signature blowout)

Mai Tai (messy and beachy)

Souther Comfort (lots of volume)

Cosmopolitan (long loose curls…it’s the one I got)

Manhattan (sleek and smooth)

As a busy mom with a full load of things to do and a full head of hair to tame, Drybar is my answer to keep my mane looking like a million bucks. It’s only $35 and sooooo worth it.

Me and my lovely stylist JC who took great care of my hair and didn’t complain not once about having to curl my 10 lbs worth of locks!

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