Wax On, Wax Off

Since I live in California, it’s pretty much bikini season 10 months out of the year.

Which means regular waxing or wear a sarong.

As wonderful as it is, waxing can get costly and is painful. Help is here!!!!

Treats For The Face is the only place I go when it comes to body waxing.

Many women hate going for a bikini wax, me included. But, Treats For The Face truly make the experience as painless and unintrusive as possible.

In addition to being endorsed by tons of LA celebs (Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale are regulars), they have been featured in Allure, People, and US Magazine. They have earned Citysearch’s “Best Place to Wax” for 3 years. They definitely deserve it. Here’s why:

1. I’m really big on atmosphere. Their shop is so classic and beautiful with hardwood floors, chandiliers, fresh flowers, scented candles and girly colors. You instantly feel comfortable. They even have a flat screen in the treatment room.

2. They use a low-heat Chocolate Gummy Bare wax. Let me tell ya, this wax is amazing. It has been proven 50-70% less painful than resin waxes that most other salons use. It’s oily and they don’t use the paper strips to remove it. They just peel the disposable wax off by hand. It is way more painless than ripping it off with those paper strips. It also makes the treatment go by so fast. I was in and out in less than 4 minutes.

3. Numbing Creme- They apply their special patented numbing creme a few minutes before a bikini wax. If you’re a big baby like me, every little step to make the experience more pleasant helps.

4. Veronica, the owner and master waxer is so professional, yet nurturing. I remember once I went and was a “little” biatch dramatic and let out a toddler scream…she looked at me sweetly, and said polietely, “Honey, relax and take a deep breath“, and before I could exhale, I was finished. She is such a warm person with a calm and friendly demeanor that she puts you at ease in a situation that can easily be uncomfortable (especially for someone shy like me 🙂 ).

5. Their prices are reasonable ranging from $40-$60 for a bikini wax.

6. FREE LIP WAX!!!! You get both sets of lips waxed for the price of 1. Don’t think you have any hairs on your upper lip? I didn’t either til I started to notice a slight 5 o’clock shadow on some of my pictures. It’s FREE ladies, so try it.

7. They offer much more than waxing services. They do hair extensions, hair color, eyelash extension, airbrush tanning, Minx nails, manis/pedis, and facials. They even have a boutique that sells cute/hip clothes, beauty products, and cool fun fashionable must haves.

8. I love supporting moms in business. Veronica is A Hot Mama to 2 wonderful boys.

No waxing is 100% painless, but Treats For the Face makes it as pleasant, quick, and painless as possible. Besides, when you’re looking and feeling great in your swimwear or whatnot, it is totally worth it.


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