Coffee Shop Fun

As a stay at home mom, I am constantly trying to find ways to amuse myself. Being around a 2 year old and 6 year old daily can make you crave adult interaction.

Sure, being on facebook helps, texting friends, and of course writing. But when I’m out and about with the boys, sometimes I just need mild amusement to get me thru my day.

So…while we’re at a coffee shop I get an idea…

A few years ago, I remember going to Starbucks with my dad. We’re waiting by the counter for our drinks and all of a sudden I hear the barista call out “Snerdly“….we wait a while and a few people snicker. Again, she says “Snerdley“. No one claims the drink. A few more chuckles and a couple of glares. I can’t help but to LOL, because, come on, how many “SNERDLEYs” do you know?!!!!? After a 3rd call for the now infamous customer, I look at my dad and we share a quick laugh.

Then…as all the customers watch, Snerdley proudly steps forward to retrieve the passion fruit iced tea.

SNERDLEY is my dad!!!!!!!!


But wait, my dad’s name is Gus, not Snerdley. I mean Gus isn’t what you’d call Tom, Joe, or John kind of name. My dad goes on to explain how annoying it is that they ask for your name, so in true frat boy fashion, he always gives a fake name for the barista to announce.

So, as I’m in the coffee shop with Bronson I feel nostaligic in this family tradition. As the unassuming barista announces my hot chocolate is ready, I sit back a few moments and let her call for me again. I silently giggle as everyone around is appalled at the name she is saying. Upon calling my “name” the 2nd time, the employee realizes the irony of my name and says it a little softer. The caffeine drinkers grow increasingly embarrassed as she announces it again.

After I decide I’ve had enough fun for the moment, I proudly glide through the curious crowd to retrieve my beverage.

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