Daylight Savings Time

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are holidays for parents.

Daylight Saving’s Time (fall back) is a holiday for people without kids.

In the good ole single days “falling back” was a welcome change. An extra hour to party and sleep in.

If you have children, it is prolly a nightmare. How do you explain the whole process that they should sleep an extra hour to a 2 or 6 year old? You don’t. You just get up at 6 AM (which was the old 7 AM) and moan and hiss about how they really should have stayed in bed.

Who knew an hour made such a difference when you have kids?

So, in an attempt to kill more time of what seems like the longest day of my life, we walked to our neighborhood Starbucks.

I couldn’t believe what I saw when I went in.

There were toys, kids, and nursery song singing EVERYWHERE. I didn’t know if I was annoyed or happy. Starbucks had transformed into Gymboree. On a chilly Sunday LA morning, guess I wasn’t the only mommy with slim options.

Bronson had a blast. It was like an unplanned playdate.

I was just glad to be getting some temporary relief of him being irritable at home. I didn’t even mind the glares and sighs from all the kidless people trying to get a caffeine boost.

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