Power of Parenting

We have a lot of power as a parent.

We truly are shaping the lives of our children. From their values and morals to what sports team and food they like.

We all have our own theories and guidelines for parenting. I can’t say one is better or worse. However, I have heard a couple parents who complain about their upbringing, but blindly continue the cycle of destruction. If you grew up in a violent, abusive, negative environment, I don’t understand how a reasonable adult can continue this path with their own offspring. To me, it just seems like common sense. I know the saying “history repeats itself”, but we as parents have the power and obligation to make that change in the futures of our children.

Historically speaking, there have been many people with power who have led in different ways. You have Ho Chin Minh, Dr. King, Gandhi, Hitler, Nelson Mandela to name a few. The same can be said for our power as parents. Our children are depending on us to lead them to their future properly equipped. As with all leadership roles, some of us accept this challenge easier than others. What kind of leader/example are you gonna be for your child?

I am not a perfect mom, but I strive to surround myself by people and resources who will make me a better parent. In the end, it’s not about me as a parent. It’s about my kids and their future. For someone to sit back and complain about what they didn’t have a child, how their  home wasn’t loving, or how they experiened dysfunction and abuse is just an excuse for lazy and half azz parenting. Step it up. Be better than your examples. Break all the negative cylcles and begin a new journey for your seeds. Otherwise, your kids just might grow up pointing the finger at you and all your shortcomings.

Besides, every child deserves a chance at the most perfect life possible.

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