Halloween 2010

Halloween was a great success this year.

However, I had a hard time finding a costume for B to actually wear. I tried an Elmo hand-me-down that Mo wore when he was 2. Although B likes the Elmo character, he would have NO PARTS of donning the fuzzy red suit. He really likes cars and trucks, so surely, a Lightning McQueen costume would work. Negative. Wearing a getup with a protruding Camaro or W.E Lightning McQueen is wasn’t gonna happen.

Luckily, Grandma saved the day. My mom picked up something from a yard sale that she thought he would like, and he did! It was sort of like a psuedo costume because it somewhat resembled clothing and looked less like a commercial licensed character with all the bells and whistles. It did take a little bribing coaxing because he kept referring to it as a jacket initially. (No jack-et mommy. No jack-et).

I got in on the Halloween action too. Mo said my costume was “kind of dumb”, (I’m sure there are millions of toddlers who will disagree) but I enjoyed it mainly because I got to wear tennis shoes!!!

Ok, so first things first, YES, it is a wig. Come on…do you really think I would chop these locks for a Dorothy Hamil hairdo? Umm….NO. And yes, I’m aware that Dora the Explorer wears orange SHORTS, but since I would be around kids and other parents, I made an executive decision to modify the Dora ensemble to something a little more appropriate (besides drop into the 50s at night in LA and I was not about to be freezing in orange booty shorts. Sorry Mattel. No disrespect for Dora).

And apparently my 6 year old is getting too cool for Mom AND Dora. When I tried to take his picture, he kept walking off like he didn’t even know me. I felt like Star Magazine paparazzi stalking him. WT!!!!! So finally after threatening to cancel Halloween and spend the night at home watching Dora the Explorer reruns, he was forced agreed to a couple photos “ONLY IF THEY’RE ON THE SIDE OF THE HOUSE WHERE MY FRIENDS CAN’T SEE US”. Ok, when did I get so UNcool? I will have my child know that 2 of his friends have propsed to me (and one was the fastest runner in 1st grade). I am cool, darnit!!!!

Hope you had a great Halloween filled with TRICKS and TREATS!

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