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Last year I wrote about a friend’s swimwear line called Salt Swimwear. I got an overwhelming response of inquiries and many friends bought the line and were super happy with their sexy chic suits.

WELL…..I have great news, the swimwear line featured in Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition and worn by Meghan Fox, Sienna Miller and a host of other Hollywood celebs can be yours!!! They are having a ♥MAJOR SALE♥ on their swimwear.

Drop what you are doing and check them out: SALT SWIMWEAR. Bikini separates start at $15!!!!!!!! Did you hear me? I said bikini separates start at $15!!!!! The sale prices are $15, $25, and $50 each piece. This is a top notch deal. You can’t even get a decent bikini at Target this cheap.

Buying the top and bottom separate is the best way to buy a bikini, especially if your azz is like 2 sizes bigger than your boobs, like mine. You can piece together an amazing bikini in different sizes, colors, styles, and prints. Her swimwear coverups are also on sale.

Layla’s line is my absolute FAVE for swimwear. It is super comfy, yet stylish and sexy. Moms, this is the best beachwear for when you take your kiddies swimming. The material is really plush so you still feel sexy, without worrying about being too lewd with the kids. They are all classically beautiful. I own 8 Salt bathing suits, so I promise this line is amazing.

Oh, and the gold one piece ruffle bathing suit pictured below is on sale for $55. It’s regualar $165.

Check Salt Swimwear out:

Here’s my blog entry from last year about the line:

I was worried about an upcoming trip that would require me to donn swimwear in public.

Since I had a baby a year ago, I was a little nervous about lounging poolside in a bathing suit. Ok, nervous is an understatement.

Despite have a bikini shot on my blog (which is only on here because Jamie is a photoshop wiz), it’s the first time in over 12 years I’ve ever been snapped in a swimsuit. Believe it or not.

So, I decided it was time to buy a new bathing suit.

There’s been a lot of buzz about a new line called Salt Swimwear. This sexy and flirty swimwear is a favorite to Penelope Cruz, Kate Hudson, Eva Longoria, Mena Suvari, Lindsay Lohan, Marisa Miller, Jamie Pressly, Kristen Cavallari and Audrina Patridge.  I’m sorry, can someone pick that up for me…I just name dropped like crazy.

But seriously, this swimwear line is all the rave in LA, and rightfully so. I met Layla Pakzad, the Salt designer. She is super nice and has a great eye for what works and what doesn’t. Her designs are hip yet classic and sexy. Her sultry, yet comfy swimwear line is inspired from  her travels to the Malibu beaches and Asia.

I instantly fell in love with the booty short bottom. It’s amazing. It just seems to lift and hug your cheeks in all the right places. But, I’ve got 2 kids, and it didn’t quite fit me the same way it fit the perfectly toned slim model with the amazing butt (who probably never has to work out, chase kids, or watch what she eats….BIATCH).

Note to self: Getch yo ass back in the gym.

The tops looked amazing on my small A-cup friend (I’m sure she’s gonna appreciate that reference). It was the first time I longed for my IBTC days. I attempted to try on the Naomi top, but it felt like my D’s were having a fierce lightsaber battle with the fabric. It reminded me of the time I tried to shove my size 7 foot into a size 6 Louboutin, just because they were 65% off. But there’s something about a boobie part sticking out that one ups a hammer toe hanging off a wedge (BTW, don’t think less of me if you see me rockin those Louboutins…just kidding…wink).

So, Plan B. Layla suggested her one piece Sienna. A one piece? What was she trying to imply? Seriously, she might as well called me PTA President, Minivan driving, cupcake baking, playdate having, soccer mom, right? The last time I wore a one piece was in the minnow simming lesson class at the YMCA. Is this what motherhood has reduced me to…first schleping around in dirty jeans, crocs, and a t-shirt everyday, now a ONE PIECE bathing suit…

Whoa Nelly, this ain’t your mama’s one piece…

When I put the Salt Sienna one piece on, I felt 20 years old again! If Madonna had been playing on the radio, I would have been doing that “Desperately Seeking Susan” dance all over the place. This bathing suit is SMOKIN HOT! OFF THE CHAIN! HOT TAMALE! FRICKIN INSANE! BANANAS! CALL 911-ON FIRE! I absolutely loved it.

And the best thing about a one piece? It covers your tummy so I didn’t have to worry about walking around about to pass out from sucking in my stomach the whole time (ya’ll know what I’m talking about, don’t act like I’m the only one). I could just let it all hang out and no one noticed.

Thanks Layla! Salt is amazing. Can you come up with some one piece undergarments now (like a one piece girdle for moms)?

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