Dress For Less

I love a great deal.

There’s only a few things better than finding something cute to wear on sale (a great book and yummy meal loaded with butter peak my list).

I’ve always been a bargain shopper, but when I became a mom, I sort of went into overdrive with the penny pinching. I mean, it only makes sense. I would feel fabulous guilty paying $400 for a Catherine Malandrino top when Mo is in the $6 Target special.

Sooooooo…..when I saw these shoes and dress at a rock bottom price, ♥I couldn’t resist♥.

The shoes were an end of season item and the last pair. Low and behold, they were just my size. Ok, they weren’t “REALLY” my size. I mean I wear a 7 and they were a 6.5. Well, actually, they were a 37 which technically IS my size, but they’re from Spain and their measuring system is different. But for $29.90, I was determined to make it work. (Ahhh…the sacrifices).

The dress is a Prada knockoff. I would have paid the sticker price, a whopping $36, but at a sale price of $26, that’s less than me and the boys spend at Chuck E Cheese.

My friends think I’m crazy for telling everyone how cheap my ensembles are when I wear them. But my bargains are like my 3rd child, I just have to talk about them and how I proud I am.

And I still had plenty leftover for Mo and B’s Target special!


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