Washing Dishes

People always ask me what I do all day as a Stay At Home Mom.

That’s easy, watch Desperate Housewives reruns WASH DISHES.

Then they ask what I do when my kids go to bed at night (They’re in bed by 7, and 8PM).

That’s easy, eat up all their kiddie snacks and drink their juice boxes WASH DISHES!

To live in a house with only 3 people, I sure spend an insane amount of time WASHING DISHES.

Soooooo……the solution seems pretty obvious, hire a live-in housekeeper and chef, ration each child to ONE bowl, ONE cup, and ONE plate!

I know this theory sounds archaic and brokedown, but work with me here….of course you can have extras hidden away for playdates, special occasions, etc. But when you just have ONE of each, you will eventually learn to wash it immediately and not let it stockpile in the kitchen sink. You will wash it and put it away bc you know you’ll need it shortly for the next meal. Thus, your kitchen sink will be dirty dish free and you’ll have more time to watch Desperate Housewives spend quality time with your children.

Also, your kids will start to recognize their dining ware and for the younger ones, when they see it, will associate it with mealtime/eating.

Mo actually has ONE bowl, and he uses it every morning for his cereal or oatmeal. It’s not some fancy Tiffany bowl, it’s just a regular ole bowl with a snowman on the bottom. However, it’s HIS, and he loves it. Some mornings, he wakes up, finds his bowl, and makes his own breakfast. Do you know what that means? 10 more minutes of sleep for me!!!!

I’m telling you guys, scaling back on the dining ware is a winner. It’s like us having 20 Prada purses. After a while, it becomes oh big deal….just another Prada. But when you only have ONE Prada, that is your baby and you take care of her and value her like she’s your 1st newborn.

Same thing for kids. Give them too many toys, and they only play with 1 or 2 anyway. Give them too many cups and plates, and you’ll be stuck washing dishes in the kitchen fur-EVERRR!!!

And as for the plates, I like to use a compartment/divided plate. Again…it alleviates the need for extra plates and bowls, and studies show that the attractive layout of food and different colors are more appetizing for kids(actually I made that up, but I do think I heard that said at one point by someone really smart). Target sells great divided plates. And Baby Cie has some really cute designs as well. They call them “dinner trays”. You can get a whole slew of characters, princesses, animals, etc.

Sooooo….now that I’ve got the kitchen sink situation all worked out, let’s move on to the laundry…

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