I consider myself a nice person.

Except to Bouche Dags at the gym. Annoying salespeople. Dirty old men. Kids who don’t belong to me who ask too many questions and touch me. People who cough and sneeze in public without covering. People who take too long to leave their parking space. Ignorant people. People who talk too loud. Guys in a club who incessantly insist on buying me a drink.

Yeah, I consider myself a nice person.

I am especially nice to moms. I mean ALL moms. Moms who are strangers in particular.

When I see a mom out with her kids, I always make an effort just to shoot her a warm smile. So many moms have done it to me and it surprisingly can change my mood from irritated to peaceful.

So, I try to pass on this unspoken gesture. Sort of like a secret mommy handshake.

BUT…(record scratch), some moms obviously haven’t gotten this memo. The other day at a kiddie function, I smiled at 3 different moms all of whom looked me dead in my dark sunglasses lens face and rolled their eyes at me like I used to do to my mom when I was a little girl and she made me clean up my room. (Oh no they ditint!)

Moms, this is a major violation! We are all in this together. Put your personal problems and insecurites aside and smile back at me darnit!

I’m not asking you for money, advice, or friendship. It’s just a smile. Don’t wanna smile back? Ok. I get it, but pretend you’re on your blackberry, do a fake sneeze, look in your diaper bag for “something”. But the rolling of the eyes, NO NO NO….I can’t tolerate that. Maybe I’m having a bad day too. Kid spit up food on me, 6 year old wanted to act 16, I didn’t get to shower…I cannot be held accountable for my reaction. Plus your smile could possibly make my day!

And don’t forget, your kids are watching you… be the example you want them to be 🙂 Which would you rather them do to you…roll their eyes or smile? 🙂

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