Stop Looking At My Mom

Mo has always been a very observant child.

When he became infatuated interested in girls at age 5, he also started to notice that losers men were aware of my presence. It became evident that the male attraction to females extended to beyond 5-6 years old. He saw that people were actually paying attention to his “lame, mean” mom.

First, he quietly observed. He would silently watch them watch me. Next he started to ask me if I noticed, “mom, did you see that guy in the black pants with the beard looking at you?”. THEN, it all started….he would actually ASK douche bags men why they were looking at me. It was really weird. He could be fully entralled with a bball game or playing with his friends on the opposite end of the park, but somehow his little radar would go off and he swooped in like a little baby hawk, “excuse me sir, why are looking at my mom”. WT???!!! Where did Mo come from?!  Who does he think he is?

So when I  saw this video, I had to giggle. This kid’s smooth style reminded me of Mo. I’m sure there are a lot of moms with sons who can relate. I have no idea where this protective instinct comes from, but I am 100% positive my 6 year old son has it.


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