Lucky 4

Imagine 4 sisters, deliver 4 babies, within 4 days of each other.


Three of the sisters, Lilian Sepulveda 27, of Franklin Park; Saby Pazos, 29, of Bellwood; and Leslie Pazos, 24, of Stone Park gave birth to healthy babies on August 6 and 7 at Westlake Hospital in Melrose Park.

Their fourth sister, Heidi Lopez, delivered a baby in California two days later.

Of course all the sisters were happy and excited and looking forward to all the cousins growing up together.

Fast forward 3 months after the sleepless nights, mommy fatigue, and hormones kick in. I wanna see THAT interview. Suuure, they all love each other and are chipper now. But look at the picture….2 of the sisters are already giving the other sis the side eye.

Sister on the right: Biatch please, I know you don’t think mom and dad are gonna be babysitting tomorrow for YOU. I wanna go see Angelina Jolie’s new movie with my Boo.

Sister on the left: Biatch please, your baby is not even that cute.

Sister in the middle:  Life is roses and I’m gonna get special treatment because I have the 1st grandson. Ha ha biatches.

And the 4th sister is out in Cali….far away from all the drama in Chicago so she’s probably getting the biggest laugh.

4th sister: Hope you biatches have fun fighting over mom and dad, complaining and whining to each other every day/night. I’m solo. Westsiiiiiiide!

Good luck to all 4 of the moms. I’ll stay tuned for an upcoming reality show. 🙂

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