Shopping Music is my escape. I love listening to music to take my mind off everyday stresses and headaches (A.K.A my kids).

Of course, I love Mariah. Afterall, we are Besties in my head!!! But there is nothing like relaxing and listening to a smooth pure falsetto: Babyface, Ne-Yo, Usher, Justin Timberlake, and Boys II Men… heart is fluttering as I type.

But there is a new fave on my list: BRUNO MARS. OMG! I love this guy. The first time I heard his single Just The Way You Are, I was instantly smitten with his voice.

Bruno is also the voice behind mega hits, Nothin’ On You with B.O.B and Billionaire with Travis Travie McCoy. He also co-wrote Cee-Lo’s hit “Phuck You”.

Recently I met Bruno on a plane ride. This guy is effin awesome. What a nice guy with a great group of friends/band. I told him how much my son and all my mom friends LOOOVED Just the Way You Are. He actually ♥BLUSHED♥!

Chatting with them made think of my boys, (O.k, I’m not old enough to be Bruno’s mom, but more like his big sis 🙂 ).  I was mentally fast forwarding to when my kids would be the age of these guys and could only hope that they will be as respectful in the presence of a potty mouth lady.

We talked about everything from being a mom to traveling to industry gossip (my lips are sealed!). I felt like I was back in high school hanging with these guys. They are extremely down to earth and have such a sweet innocence that made me smile.  Bruno is charming, funny, and full of personality….like seriously, I’m funny (yes I am, dammit!) but he’s hilarious. Quite a ham. He is definitely a STARRR.

Ok, and can I tell you, his skin is FLAWLESS. I really wanted to ask him his choice of moisturizer and nightly skin care regimine. It could have something to do with the fact that he was born in Hawaii (I’m so jealous) and of Puerto Rican and Filipino descent. IDK.

The guys invited me and my friends to their show later that night. I had a great time at his Las Vegas show at the Hard Rock Hotel. It was a small private show, no scantily clad dancers (darn), fireworks, or big budget pyro special effects. Just Bruno, his guitar, and the band. That’s all you need when you have a beautiful voice. I was really impressed with his vocals. He actually sounded better in person than on his cd. How many artists can you say that about? No auto tune at his show.  This guy can SAAAAANG and has such amazing stage presence. He is definitely a star in the making with a big future.

Enjoy this clip from the Vegas show. Oh and when you get to 4:05 on the video, CRANK IT UP! His Nothin’ On You slow remix is more beautiful than Eva Mendes on the Oscar Red Carpet in Chanel.


How many women can sang Bruno Mars sang to them on an airplane? *raises hand* 🙂 Wishing Bruno and the gang much success!!!

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