October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

I was quite pleased to see the NFL’s support in raising awareness for the fight against breast cancer. Many players, coaches, and refs were decked out in pink cleats, gloves, towels, etc to show support.

Certainly the football field is an unlikely venue for a sea of pink, but then again many women watch football (some have no choice, some actually enjoy it). But hey, the guys in the league have moms, wives, baby mamas, sisters, etc, so I was really excited at the gesture. It’s the NFL’s second year of donning pink for breast cancer. They even have an auction of pink goods (YES! Shopping AND football..ding ding).

If you miss out on the auction, the NFL shop has tons of breast cancer awareness gear with yur favorite team’s logo (Go Vikings). Hats off to the NFL and all the fellas for the support. REAL MEN WEAR PNK! (and a lot of them looked really HAWT in in too).  Maybe some of us really do watch the sport just to see what they’re wearing. 🙂

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