Not Loving Louboutins

So, I live in LA, and yes, I love fashion, but I’m not a slave to it.

I haves tons of friends that are crazy for Louboutins. You know, the shoes with the red soles that all the celebs wear out and about.

Sorry….I just don’t get it.

Maybe bc I’m not your typical shoe girl. I have a few pairs of shoes in basic colors. I don’t need 30 pairs of black heels, 10 animal prints, and 20 adorned with rhinestones, glitter, and other annoying sparkly crap that just fall off and pose a choking hazard for my 2 year old.

Just a couple black, gold, and a few neutrals and I’m good.

I know many of you are probably up in arms ready to gauge my eyeballs out with your Manolo heel, but I really don’t see the big deal with Louboutins. Girls in LA are crazy for them. JLo even made a song about them (it was a flop, but still, they have a song). And yes, Oprah wears them ALL THE TIME.

Now, I love Oprah, just like any other person with a vagina, but really, do I wanna be wearing the same shoes as Oprah? Diamonds, YES! Shoes? Ummmm…..not so much.

Louboutins either look like something that need to be worn on Wall Street or to a strip club.

Now, perhaps I am waaay off base here and Louboutins are really the bomb. I’m not saying I’d turn down a pair that might mysteriously arrive on my doorstep for more “research”. I’m just saying for $1,000, I can find something waaaay cuter for a fraction of the price.

Here is my evidence hot off the Fall 2010 Louboutin line at Neiman Marcus:

Tassled platform bootie $1,495

Are you serious? This reminds me of my high school graduation cap.

Spiked boot $1,795

Who would spend money on this crap? It looks like an art project Mo and B decorated.


Toundra booty fur $2,095

Yes! These shoes are $2000. At least they named them right. They look like they have the booty of a poodle or something else crawling on them. These shoes are SOOOOO ugly. YUCK! I’d feel like someone’s dog was humping my foot all night.

Jem Velours Pump $1,195

They should call this the Laura Engle Stripper Shoe


The moral of the the story is this: Yes, Louboutin has some fabulous shoes, but use your brain people, don’t just buy something because of the name or else you will have people like me talking about ya!


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