No Shirts!

Great hair

Tons of personality



6-packs and pecs

What’s NOT to love about the FIFA World Cup?!

Gotta love soccer players.

I am having such a ball watching the World Cup. Yeah, I watch the World Cup like men read Playboy for the articles. But hey, I played soccer as a kid so somewhere I think the fundamentals and true love for the game got instilled in me.

The best part of the World Cup? The post-match tradition of players exchanging sweat-soaked shirts with members of the opposing team. Well, that’s the 2nd best part. The bestest part is when it is recorded, documented and shown on my 40 inch HD tv screen. YEAH BOIIIII!

This display of  sportsmanship, respect, and camaraderie should be a general practice that all men do when they meet. How do I get this bill to Washington????

I’m lovin the 2010 FIFA World Cup!!!!

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