Mo is 6


I can’t believe I have a 6 year old now. I was just reading over the entry from Mo’s birthday last year. It truly does go by quickly.

Our lives have undergone major transformations since last year and I’m amazed and inspired by Mo’s ability to adapt to a new environment as well as lifestyle changes.

Mo reminds me so much of myself. I see so much of me in him. Sure, he’s good looking, funny, and smart. Those are the obvious similarities:-)

But he’s very compassionate, a perfectionist, and a competitor til the end. He thrives on making others happy even if it means he has to sacrifice. And he’s a little stubborn and hot tempered too 🙂

As a parent, it makes me proud to watch my son grow into such a loving and kind young man. Sure he curses on occasion, farts, and karate chops my neck, but what else could a mom ask for?

Happy Birthday Mo!

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