Mo is really good in math.

I would like to say it’s genetic (I’m GREAT with numbers).

I think it’s more from real life situations dealing with numbers, money, and counting.

We have a new weekend tradition: BLACKJACK NIGHT!

Now, before you get all up in arms, I cannot take credit for teaching him 21. He learned it at school. I picked him up one afternoon and he didn’t wanna leave because he was engrossed in a serious battle of Blackjack with an after school teacher. They were playing for Saltine crackers and Hershey’s kisses.

To make it fun (for me), we use candy as the stakes/reward at home. We don’t bet. You are just rewarded a small “treat” when you win a hand. Once you collect 5 small treats, you can trade them in for a bigger “treat”.

I let Mo count the cards for both of us. See, this is an educational experience.

My baby is so cultured.

World Poker Tour is next!!!

The booty!

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