The Dream Team

When I became a stay at home mom, I approached it as I would any other work related situation. I assembled a team.

They say, “you’re only as good as the people around you“. To me, if you want to be good at something, you need to have people that are just as talented/knowledgeable around you, if not better.

Gradually, as my kids got older, my mom dream team organically started to come together.

It’s funny, because if it weren’t for kids, I’m not sure any of us would even be friends. We’re all very different, but have the bond of our children that bring us together and the common goal to nurture and guide our kids keep us friends.




Smart mom

She is up on everything safety related, recalls, trendy toys, current events, etc. She keeps me on my toes with important news.

Party mom

She knows how to have a good time and can always make me laugh (usually at myself). She helps me to remember that besides being a mom, I’m a still a woman and it’s ok to have fun outside of being a mom.

Beautiful mom

She wakes up 15 minutes before her kids and always looks so well put together. Her hair and nails are always perfect and she sports the latest fashion trends. Being around her reminds me that I don’t ALWAYS have to look like I’m going to the gym or PTA meeting.

Old school mom

She doesn’t play! She smacks her kids in the head with her shoe when they get out of line at the grocery store. Being around her reminds me there’s a reason we are the parents and they’re the kids.

Nice mom

Nothing ever seems to bother her. Jimmy just spilled grape juice on the white rug….oh well, she has a great remedy to get the stain out and sees everything as a learning experience.

Super mom

She does it all, works full time and takes care of the kids. She reminds me that life with kids is all about balance.

If you’re a new mom, I suggest to keep your mind open to making new friends. Just because you wouldn’t hang out with someone at the football game 10 years ago, doesn’t mean you can’t be friends now. You just might have more in common than you thought once you get to know someone.

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