Ryan Leslie Says Happy Mother’s Day

I have taken it upon myself to announce that Mother’s DAY isn’t enough.

Come on, I can’t count how many sleepless nights, missed meals, or downright exhaustion I’ve experienced as a mom. Granted, what we do isn’t done to be documented, but I think we need more than 24 hours for recognition.

So, I am going to continue celebrating the relentless efforts of moms everywhere.

That’s right, I am oficially extending the Mother’s Day festivities (cheers and jeers).

So, in the spirit of celebrating all the smart, stylish, and strong Hot Mamas, enjoy this beautiful tribute from producer, singer, songwriter (and Harvard grad) Ryan Leslie.

Watch it once and enjoy the photos of his mom and their story.

Then watch it again and really listen to the words.

Then watch it again and listen to how beautiful his voice is.

Then watch it again because you’re bored.

Then go watch your kids before they break something, or get your butt back to work.



Oh wait….as an added Mother’s Day bonus, check out this JAMMIM, SMOKIN HOT video clip of Ryan Leslie playing piano freestyle to Lil Wayne‘s “Lollipop“.  Sorry, I couldn’t leave you all sappy and sad. Let’s take it up a notch…


(and if you can’t dance, you will at least bob your head or tap your foot)

What a true talent. I am so amazed by people with musical and artistic ability. I never should have quit piano lessons (yes I should have…I sucked and never wanted to practice).


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