My Obsession

I am obsessed with 3 things right now: Essential Faith perfume oil, Voluspa candles, and Chan Lu wrap bracelets.

These obsessions are 100% enabled by the best store on my block: Mimi and Hy.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this store. If I knew how to type those cute little hearts, they would be inserted right here><.

I love local, family owned stores that carry really cute stuff.

Check, check, and check for Mimi and Hy.

This great boutique is owned by sisters Allison and Leah. They carry all the chic and hip jewelry, apothecary, and accessories minus the obnoxious pretentious attitude. (Thank God because I hate cursing out people for being rude azz biatches). They make shopping fun (ok, shopping is already fun). They make shopping into an experience bc they are so helpful in finding just the right thing, or they are content to let you browse without lurking behind you.

Anyway, they give you tons of personalized attention whether you are buying a $20 candle or $150 pair of sandals. They know their products really well and when I return they always remember my favorites and have great recommendations of new merchandise.

Being from the South, this is just how shopping SHOULD be, but living in Los Angeles, it usually isn’t (flash to the Pretty Woman shopping scene on Rodeo Drive: “….big mistake, huge…”. Gosh, I sure love that movie)

Anyway, if you need a hostess gift, birthday gift, or just wanna buy yourself something for being so adorable and fabulous, head over to Mimi and Hy. You can also shop on their website. Here are 3 of my faves (you can get me either, or bc I never seem to have enough!)

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