Megan Fox Is Hot!!!!!

I have been really busy lately. You probably can tell since I haven’t written a blog entry in a couple weeks. Don’t take it personally. I really did miss you.

A video was shot at Mo’s elementary school to raise awareness about the insane budget cuts in public schools in California. They used 5th grade students, the principal, and parents from our school community.

Unfortunately, I was so busy, I was unable to attend and support this great cause. I was however, thrilled that they chose Transformer actress Megan Fox to portray me. Awesome, right? (I was thinking more along the lines of Mariah Carey, Roselyn Sanchez, Brooke Burke, even Vanessa Hudgens, but hey….I’m not complaining).

Seriously, my 5 year old attends the public school this PSA was filmed at. California public schools, and schools across America are experiencing gigantic budget cuts which will greatly affect our kids and ultimately our future.

I attended public school from Kindergarten up to college. Aren’t I shining example of what public education produces.


Please watch the video and sign the online petition to help support our children’s education.

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