I’m A Real Mom!

If you ever doubt that this is a mom blog, just look at the entry inconsistencies.

I might publish 5 times a week. Then the following week once. Then you might not here from me for a week. Or 2. But, hey, that’s ok. You don’t have to worry about me. Just know I’m busy being a mom.

All these other mom bloggers that have new blog entries EVERY SINGLE DAY, are just robots. Or they have clones. Or they stockpile blog entries like 10 at a time and just publish daily from an arsenal of writing material. They hire a team of writers. Or they plagarize other mom bloggers.

Our kids have pretty consistent lives. They are more or less on a schedule. School M-F, soccer on Tuesday, playdate with Timmy on Wed, basketball Friday, and sports games and birthday parties on the weekend. 

For moms, our lives are not so predictable. Me might take a shower Monday, we might not. We could eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner or Tuesday, but Wednesday, it’s only Goldfish, a banana, and water all day. Phone calls, facebook, emails, and texts….maybe.

So….some days I write a blog, and some days I choose to watch tv. And sometimes, when one child is at school and the other one is napping, I climb into my comfy bed, think about what I’m gonna write and the next thing I know………….ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

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