I Met Brett Favre!


Brett FavreGrowing up with a father from Wisconsin, you constantly hear about 3 things: snow, cheese, and the Green Bay Packers.

So, my whole life I thought I was a Packer fan. But in August 2008, Packer quarterback Brett Favre signed with the NY Jets (and later to the MN Vikings). I  realized I was actually a Brett Lorenzo Favre fan. Screw the Pack.

I am a huge fan for many reasons, but it has very little to do with football.

Of course he is one of the most amazing quarterbacks of all time, but come on guys, this isn’t ESPN, it’s a mom blog. I’m not here to rattle off sports statistics.

As a mom with 2 boys, it goes much deeper than that. I already know Mo and B like sports and it is inevitable that they will look up to an athlete. I hope as my boys get older they will respect and appreciate Brett Favre not only for his athletic greatness, but for at least one of the following:

He’s passionate about what he does. The average career in the NFL is 3.5 seasons according to the NFLPA. Brett just completed his 19th season in the League. He has even retired twice and came back to the game.

Brett-Favre-family-at-the-Minnesota-MetrodomeHe’s a family man. His wife Deanna (his college sweetheart) is often seen at the games. He constantly mentions how she is such a driving force in his life. They have 2 daughters, Brittany (21) and Breleigh (10).

He’s honest. He always tells it like it is and is very candid. He commands his press conferences/interviews with his Southern humor and charm.

He’s humble. He’s a gracious winner….and loser. Credit is given to his teammates and opponents. I am amazed to see how much time he spends at the end of a game hugging the opposing team. You can even see him chatting up the other quarterback and coaches for extended periods of time.

He has an amazing work ethic. I already see how young kids want instant gratification with little time or effort put in. He holds the record for most consecutive starts by a quarterback at 285 games!!! Who in the world plays 285 games straight? That’s more amazing than having perfect attendance all 12 years of school. Brett is known for triumphing amid adversity. Some of his best games were played while seriously injured or coping with personal tragedy (such as the passing of his father, his mother’s home loss during Hurricane Katrina, and his wife’s battle with breast cancer).

I have grown up with and gone to college with many guys that played in the NFL and they all have nothing but nice things to say about Brett Favre. In any profession, the opinion of your co-workers goes a long way.

But the other day, I had the opportunity to meet this great man and now I can voice my opinion.

My friend got tickets to see Brett (we’re on a 1st name basis now) on the Tonight Show and invited me to attend with her. After the show, we’re escorted to the Green Room. When Brett comes out, I feel a sense of calm. I forget he’s one of the greatest football players and feel like I’m back in high school.

26723_355364931939_4977391_nHe’s so gracious and charming. He was visiting LA to take his daughter to see Miley Ray Cyrus and is traveling with his mother-in-law and Priest (yes, I said PRIEST) both of which we meet. I can easily relate to their humble down home attitude. They’re from Mississippi and I’m from Georgia, instant connection! lol.

After conversation and picture taking, his Priest orders me to turn my back to Brett (I thought the Priest was gonna do some kind of Catholic ritual since Brett had just taken a photo with me, to wash away all the bad sins or something…lol). But I feel something pressing on my shoulder, and it’s Brett autographing my jersey!!!!!!!! I joked with the Priest that I thought he was about to bless me or something and he said, “I just did.”

And he was right. It was such a blessing and a joy to meet Brett and see that he is everything and more that I thought he would be. And I hope our 15 minute interaction has inspired him to come back for his 20th season in the NFL and win Super Bowl 2011!!!

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