LA Loves Dogs


People love dogs.

People in LA LOOOOOVE dogs.

It’s not just Paris Hilton or something you see in movies. LA people really love their dogs as if they were their first born child.

Jesse James and wife actress Sandra Bullock recently lost their 9 month old Pitbull, Cinnabun. The couple offered a $2,000 reward that was later incresed to $5,000 for her safe return. They also enlisted the help of a pet finders, Find Toto, to help. Think of this group as an Amber Alert for animals.

Jesse tweated about their missing dog and got over 17,000 responses.

After “Cinny” had been missing for a little over 3 weeks, she was returned by a stranger to his bike shop, West Coast Choppers. 

I only speak on this because when I first moved to LA 11 years ago, I couldn’t believe the human attraction to dogs here. I thought it merely another one of those cliche Los Angeles things like men over 45 marrying a 20 something yoga instructor.

I would huff and puff each time I saw an Angeleno exchange saliva with their little Fe-Fe or tote little Snookum around the mall in a rhinestone sweater and 14K pooch collar via a designer carrier. It was quite funny.

Then…a few years later I got a dog.

I have never been a “dog person”.

In fact I really don’t like dogs. I only liked mine.

I actually get annoyed when people’s dogs come up to me and sniff, lick, stare at me. BUT, I loved my sweet Buster. And as I bonded with my gentle giant, I quickly understood the magical connection between man and dog.When he died some years ago, I cried my eyes out. I even got a new watch to help ease the pain and take my mind off the loss of my buddy, but it only helped for a day or 2. The Cartier powers that be could not mask my devotion to dear Buster.

I couldn’t believe how attached I was to my 4 legged friend.

Some people chastised Jesse and Sandra for offering a $5,000 reward and their massive efforts to retrieve their lost pup. I totally understand that you can’t put a price on happiness. Congrats to Jesse and Sandra for the safe return of their  “baby”.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I still don’t like dogs, if one of those annoying yappy pups comes up to me while I’m eating a salad at a cafe, I’ll probably kick it or talk about the owner when they leave. But I really am happy for Jesse and Sandra.

Buster with 10 month old Mo

What a sweet face!!! I still miss my Buster.

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