Naomi vs. Angelina

Since I have 2 boys, people are always asking if they have similar personalities. Yes and no.

They are both Gemini. They have a 4 year age difference, but their birthdays are 2 weeks apart.

The easiest way to put it into perspective is this:

Mo (Morris) has the same bday as Naomi Campbell.

B (Bronson) has the same bday as Angelina Jolie.




Mo: Very intense and emotional. He’s meticulous and an extreme perfectionist. He is ultra competitive in everything he does and doesn’t like to be 2nd best in anything. When he’s happy, it’s almost as if he’s drunk. When he’s angry, his jugular vein bulges. He needs attention, but doesn’t neccesarily have to be the center of attention at gatherings. He has a quiet confidence and always surveys a situation or circumstance before taking action. Gets bored easily, especially when he’s not challenged. He’s very protective of people he loves and has a passion for fighting and being physical, although he is rarely the aggressor. Loves the ladies, girls, females, etc…










B: Very carefree and laid back. He adapts well to change and goes along for the ride easily. He loves to laugh and play, often times just by himself. He is extremely independent and does the best when he’s just left alone to do his own thing. His favorite activity is eating. He always has food in his hand or mouth. He loves to laugh and thinks everything is funny. He will sit down quietly and read books or do puzzles. He has a pretty good attention span and doesn’t get bored with repetivie tasks. Very sweet, fun loving, and happy among loved ones, but cautious and quiet around unfamiliar faces.


We’ll see what happens over the next few years. Otherwise, I’m content with my little Naomi and little Angelina. 🙂

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