Birthday Card

I love kid birthday parties. It means free cake, food, and bottled water for me. It means a playdate for the boys.

But with 20 kids in Mo’s Kindergarten class, old preschool friends, neighbors, and friend’s kids, that can mean a lot of birthday parties which can add up to a lot of money in gifts.

So, to cut back on expenses, I let Mo make his friends a birthday card instead of buying one. This serves many purposes:

1. It is cost effective

2. It gets rid of useless junk laying around (sometimes he glues on buttons, junk mail pamphlets, old stickers, etc)

3. It keeps him busy

4. His friend gets a gift from the heart

5. It teaches Mo that all gifts don’t be expensive

The other day, I left Mo alone to make a special card for his #1 buddy, Max. Mo was excited because Max is one of his best friends from preschool. He’s such a great kid, I adore his follks, and he has a younger sister in Bronson’s mommy and me class. Mo was so excited to create something special for his friend and when he was finished, he was REALLY proud of his work:

The moral of the story: Do not leave your Victoria’s Secret catalog by the kids’ arts and crafts station.

BTW, still haven’t heard from Max’s parents. Not sure how this “birthday card” went over at the present unveiling ceremony.


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