Desperate Housewives Tour

I love Desperate Housewives.

I’ve seen every episode since the pilot aired October 2004. Big deal, right?

I’ve even hung out at my friend’s house who lives across the street from Eva Longoria, the actess who plays my favorite character, Gabby. Ok, kind of creepy.

So, when I saw a full access set tour of the ABC hit show at a charity auction, I knew it had to be mine!!!!! When it comes to shopping, I rarely go home empty handed. I won the set tour (and helped a good cause).

I knew who I wanted to accompany me on the tour. My friend Kary is a fellow DH fanatic. Even though she works in the entertainment industry, she is just as goo goo for Gabby and the gang of Wisteria Lane as I am. We often sit around at kid playdates and discuss all the characters as if they’re our personal friends. (Can you believe Susan let that bitch take her man?, Did you see how cute the new gardener is?, Ktherine went crazy on everybody….I can’t believe Karl is bangin Bree now….etc)

The set tour was amazing. I couldn’t believe I was standing on Wisteria Lane!!!!!! I got to walk in everyone’s house, see the soundstages, and even hob nobbed at Craft Services with the crew (that was some goooood baked Ziti!).

**DISCLAIMER: If you don’t watch DH, then you probably will not care about these photos/commentary.

**DISCLAINER: If you don’t watch DH, you’re a loser and I’m pretty sure we’re not friends.

Hope you enjoy as much as I did…..

Mike the plumbers ride (he wanted to take me out to Scavo’s pizzeria).

Lynette’s car…I’m looking crazy bc I didn’t realize one of the crew was sitting inside!

Lynette’s house….I was snapping pix left and right. lol

Making Susan’s specialty…tea!!! And everything on the sets are real. No props in the houses.

Hangin with Kary on Susan’s porch.

We would sooooo fit in on Wisteria Lane. Kary was so “Lynette” following behind me on the tour muttering, “don’t steal anything Nora!”….lol

Photos inside Gabby’s house (told ya I was snapping everything)

Gabby’s porch where she use to gaze at John the hottttt gardener.

Me striking a Gabby pose (I’m such a cornball).

Bree’s house…those are all FAKE flowers BTW, but they look soooo real. (oh, and notice Orsen’s ramp)

Gabby’s bathroom. Her house was my fave inside. The kitchen is AMAZING, but was covered bc they weren’t filming so I couldn’t get a pic 🙁

Bree’s living room. Notice Orsen’s w/c, I can’t stand him!!!!! He’s soooo annoying.

Bree’s kitchen was pretty awesome too. Her house was so detailed inside. Everything was organized and labeled.

Bree’s dining room. Looove the chairs. All the pics in the frames were really Bree and “family”.

Lynette’s kitchen. Scene of Tom’s numerous emasculations.

Remember this episode? One of my favs, when they named MJ….there’s a beautiful mural in MJ’s room.

The globes from Susan’s art class: Jaguars, Giraffes, and forgot the other one, but HILARIOUS episode…

The DH God himself, Marc Cherry. Creator, writer, producer= RICH! $$$$$$$$$$…super nice guy!


Who is YOUR favorite Desperate Housewives character?



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