Golden Globes 2010

I must admit, I forgot about the Golden Globe Awards this year. I don’t know how how. I live in LA. They were held about 20 miles from my house. I just flat out forgot.

I don’t actually watch the awards show anyway. I only watch the preshow and see what the nominees are wearing. I like to form my opinion on the ensembles before the “experts” weigh in. 

I never agree with them anyway. Seriously, they are so annoying. You cannot tell me some tiered, feathery, looks like someone just threw up on it, ball gown is beautiful just because it’s a vintage Chanel or House of Dior. I could care less. Don’t care who designed it or how many people it took to sew.

If I wouldn’t want to wear it, then it’s ugly (why would i want to wear a ball gown though? I don’t go anywhere except PTA meetings and mommy/me class).

So, of course I get really excited when the mom celebs look hot, and I’m glad that my 2 favs are both moms.

Halle Berry took a risk, and although I though it was a little skanky for the Golden Globes and for a woman with such obvious beauty (why show so much skin?), she’s so radiant and confident that she made it work. She’s 43 years old and has a toddler. Her dress is by Kaufaman Franco.

My other fave is Kate Winslett. Not a big Kate Winslett movie fan, but she’s a mom, 34 years old, has 2 kids, and she looked amazing. I loved the chic simplicity of her (Yves Saint Laurent) dress and the Tiffany jewels were classic and breathtaking.


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