I Want A Coke

Everyone’s kid “tests” them at some point or another out in public.

If it hasn’t happened yet, it will.

It could be at the grocery store when you get in the checkout line and your kid starts whining about how they want a chocolate bar that is so convienently placed at kids eye level.

Or at restaurant after you order him a pizza and he declares he wanted chicken nuggets.

Or at park when you say it’s time to go home and he decides to do a public meltdown in an attempt to get 5 more minutes of playtime.


What do you do? Do you give in? Do you ignore them? Do you beat their azz? lol….just kidding

I have been pretty lucky in this department. Mo and Bronson haven’t really had major incidents. BUT, on a recent airplane trip, Mo finally did it to me….

We were flying 20,000 feet in the air when the beverage cart came wheeling down the aisle. Mo’s eyes got really big when he saw the color assortment of soda cans, especially since he had just mentioned how thirsty he was.

Perky flight attendant (to me): What can I get for you today?

Me: I’ll have an apple juice please.

Perky flight attendant: And for your child.

Mo (interrupting): I’ll have a Coke.

Me (looking at Mo like he just slapped me): Excuse you….

Mo (giggling): Pretty mommy, can I PLEASE have a Coke?

Me (oh no he didn’t pull the “pretty mommy” card): Um, NO!

Slightly agitated flight attendant: Ma’am what should I get for him?

Mo (grinning): COKE

Me (clenching my teeth): you can have apple juice, orange juice, pineapple juice, or cranberry juice.

Mo: Well, my DAD lets me drink Coke all the time. You’re mean.

Me (is my kid trying to make this a good guy/bad guy thing): Do I look like your dad? Do you think I have a penis?

Mo (giggling at my use of a potty word): No mom, but it’s really not fair that dad gives me soda and you don’t.

At this point, all the passengers around us have diverted their attention from their in-flight satellite tv monitors and Mo and I have become the feature presentation…

Me: Here’s your choice Mo, either apple juice or water.

Mo: That’s not fair. Before you said I could have all those other juices.

Me: Oh well, you lost your privielege. In a minute, it’s only gonna be water, and then nothing.

Mo: You’re the meanest mom in the world.

Me (to the now annoyed flight attendant): He’ll have a water.

Mo: OK, OK….I want apple juice.

For a split second, I almost caved. I had visions of Mo throwing a tantrum and our flight. Then our plane being escorted to the ground by two federal B-57 bombers and Mo taken into military custody and sent to bootcamp for his behavior.

It definitely would have been easier to just say yes and give him the Coke. But, what kind of message would that have sent to him? In the end, it would have done more damage than good because the next time he wanted something I disapproved of we would have gone through the same process.

Stick to you guns folks. Remember WE are the parents for a reason.

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