What I Learned in ’09…..

It seems that everyone is really excited to put 2009 behind us. But, don’t we say that every year? Is there ever a time someone says “Oh, I’m not looking forward to the new year? Let’s stay in this year?” I don’t think so.

But, I do think many people actually mean it this time. 2009 was a tough year for the economy which had a huge residual effect on many people’s lives.

2009 was an interesting year for me. I’m the type of person that doesn’t like to mope around and dwell on the negative. I try and learn something from all experiences, no matter how much they test my sanity or patience. So, after the roller coaster ride I was on in ’09 I should be smarter than a Harvard grad.


Here’s what I learned:

1.  Trust myself

2.  Go with my gut

3.  Don’t try and change people

4.  My kids don’t see the imperfections I see in myself

5.  My kids inspire me and give me strength to inspire them

6.  Don’t wait too long to go to the dentist if one of your crowns crack

7.  I will never remember to take the reusable shopping bags to the grocery store

8.  Mariah Carey is the greatest female singer of all time

9.  Brett Favre wants me

10. You can’t make someone happy who isn’t happy with themselves

11. Be my true self, those that really love me and matter will accept me no matter what

12.  Do what makes you happy and everything else will fall into place



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