Holiday Cards

It’s that time of year: Christmas card time!

For moms, this is like our Fantasy Football, tailgating, and poker night all rolled into one. It’s our mommy moment of glory.

It’s the time of year we show off our kids to people that we never talk to. We dress our little ones up, make them sit still, and take goofy holiday photos. What happened to just buying the generic cards from Target? NO! Now, we all do the fancy online photo cards. We must show off our offspring, right?

Then we mail them off to many friends that we have lost touch with over time. Why does mailing a silly Christmas card give us a sense of redemption for neglecting family and friends over a year’s time? 

It’s so funny when they email you once they recieved it, “wow, the boys have grown up so much, and really changed.” Ya think? It’s been a whole year since you’ve last “seen” them. Remember? Last year’s Christmas card? We haven’t talked since then.

Oh well, I always have fun doing our family Christmas card. I look forward to it.

Last year, I sort of went a little overboard. It’s was Bronson’s first Christmas, so I wanted it to be really special. I tricked him and Mo out in coordinating Christmas outfits and went to a popular LA photographer.

This year, I was slack. Before I knew it, Thanksgiving was over and I hadn’t even thought about the  Christmas card attire. There has been so much going on, I have really put this project on the back burner. That is until I got the first card of the season….it was from my cousin. It promptly arrived on Dec 1 with the entire family (mom, dad, and 3 kids) all spic and span in matching ensembles.

All the good photographers were booked, and I really didn’t feel like buying another green and red button down set. So, I pulled out my trusty point and shoot camera and let the boys wear whatever they wanted. They were less than cooperative, but we sure had fun trying to snap a photo.

Bronson is 18 months old now and really into playing “chase” so he won’t sit still for one second (unless you’re giving him cheetos). And Mo is so into superhero and martial arts poses. To him, “nice smile” means one arm doing an uppercut and the other one strangling poor Bronson.

So, I got a little creative with the photo layout. If you’re on my Christmas card mailing list, check your mailboxes soon. 

Here are a few that didn’t quite make the Christmas card cut:

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