The Friendly Skies

On a recent flight to San Jose, CA, a mother and her “unruly” 2 year old child son were kicked off of a Southwest Airlines flight.

The crew decided the passengers could not hear the preflight safety announcements due to her son screaming “Go! Plane! Go!” and “I Want My Daddy!”

Wow! I was amazed by this. Thank goodness I had a much more tolerant flight crew on my Southwest flight to Vegas. Just before takeoff Mo announced:

“If the plane crashes, we are all gonna die!”

It didn’t go over too well with the lady in front of us flying for the first time, but no one else seemed to care.

The 38 year old mom booted with her kid was later refunded her money and given a $300 travel voucher.

I would have been happy with a carton of those Biscoff cookies. Man, those things are gooood.

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