On Time!

When Mo first started Kindergarten, it was a chaotic mad dash out of the house to try and get him fed, dressed, out the door, and at school by 8:15 AM. Phew!

For the first month, I felt like a complete failure as a mom. It seemed unattainable.

How were all the other moms doing it?

What’s wrong with me?

What’s wrong with my kid?

I felt like such a militant mom because I was always barking orders in the morning, “brush your teeth, find your socks, don’t forget your backpack, eat your breakfast…” Was I turning into my mom?!

Then, just the other day, it all clicked. Everything started to come together.

I woke up and Mo had already brushed his teeth and fixed his “hairstyle”. (If you’ve ever seen my kid’s hair, this is an enormous feat in itself, and knocks at least 15 minutes off of the morning prep time.)

I praised him extensively. He seemed pleased with his accomplishment.

Then a week later, in addition to his personal grooming, he started dressing himself. This was a double victory because he liked to “surprise” me before I got out of bed by being fully dressed, which meant I got to lounge for about 10 minutes longer as he tousseled with his pants and took off and on all his shirts until he figured out which one was the undershirt and which was the “top shirt”.

Now, I would love to take credit for this independence.

Going from being in the bottom tier of timely attendance to one of the first kids to arrive should be enough bragging rights for me. But, I really had to get to the bottom of everything.

Finally, Mo confessed: “All the pretty girls get to school early.”

Hey, whatever works!

Let’s just hope Mo isn’t hanging out under the bleachers before 1st period.

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