There She Blows!


When it was Mo’s turn to be “Scientist of the Week” at school, he knew exactly what he wanted to demonstrate for his classmates.


I was a little nervous about being able to create an erupting volcano, but it turned out to be pretty easy.

The kids enjoyed it, and Mo thought he was hot shit.


Here’s the steps:



empty film canister

tablespoon baking soda

tablespoon vinegar

food coloring

1. Use play dough or clay to form the shape of a volcano.

2. Make a hole in the top big enough to tit an empty film canister inside.

3. Insert empty film canister into hole.

4. Now add the ingredients to form “molten lava”. Put the baking soda and food coloring in the film canister first (this way the color will surprise the audience) then pour the vinegar into the canister.



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