Workout Gear SALE!!!

I hate working out.

I REALLY hate working out.

I don’t know why, I just do. I have never really been a fan of physical fitness. I use to fake menstrual cramps, an upset stomach, and headaches just to get out of P.E in elementary and high school.

BUT, after having 2 kids and turning 35 years old, I realized some sort of physical exertion was necessary to avoid going up 2 sizes in pants every month.

Everyone has their own inspiration for getting their butts to the gym. Mine is workout gear. I realized that when I wore clothes  that inspired me to “sweat”, then I had an urge to be more active and get to the gym.

This came from the discovery of an affordable and chic workout line, BZ Bella. It was designed by women to flatter the female body in all the right places. They are currently having a 30% off sale off the ENTIRE SITE!. Their prices are already very reasonable for their high quality gear, now this is just an added perk.

Get over to BZ Bella and get some of the cutest, most comfy workout gear at a great price. 

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