Janet is Back!

Although Mariah Carey is my favorite singer of all time, Janet Jackson is probably a close second. She doesn’t have the singing chops Mimi has, but she’s a great performer and much better dancer (sorry Mimi…hugs).

Janet does not get enough respect in the music industry. She has set the video standard for many musical artists that followed. Without the inspiration of Janet Jackson, would we have Britney, Ciara, and The Cheetah Girls? LOL. Seriously, you know it’s true. Janet Jackson raised the bar for female entertainers/performers.

Janet has a new album out called “Number Ones”. It’s a double disc with some of her greatest tracks plus her new single, “Make Me”. It’s on sale at amazon for $13.99.

So, I will anxiously await her opening 8 minute performance on the upcoming American Music Awards this Sunday. Tune in at 8PM on ABC. I’m sure Janet’s performance will be “NASTY”!!!!!!


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