Oh Shit!

The household is still feeling the backlash of Mo watching Rush Hour. He seems to have picked up the word and meaning of “SHIT“.


Although I am amazed at his proper diction in using the word in proper context (ex: he dropped a lego creation and screamed: SHIIIIIIT!), it is highly inapporpriate for a 5 year old to be screaming obscenities. So, I had to go into action.

Mo was playing outside and and his paper airplanes kept flying into the street. Every time it happened he replied “shit” because he knew he would have to ask me to help retrieve it. I felt it was time for a conversation:



Me: Mo, saying “shit” is really inappropriate.

Mo: It is? Well, Chris Tucker says it all the time.

Me: Well, Chris Tucker is a grown up, you’re 5.

Mo: Well, Chris Tucker says “never touch a black man’s radio.” Can I say that?

Me:That was a joke honey. It’s not something you need to continue telling your friends and teachers at school.

Mo: Oh. ok.

Me: Can you think of an alternative word you could say when you get frustrated, besides saying “shit”?

Mo: hmmmm…….(thinking)

Me: Think of a more appropriate word that could express your frustration and anger.

Mo: I know! (so proud of himself)….Can I say “dammit”?

Dammit is better than shit, right?

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