Jimmy Choo is Affordable…Now

Do you remember waaaaaaaaay back in June when I hipped you about H & M launching a Jimmy Choo line on November 14, 2009?

Well, the time has come!

Don’t think you’re just gonna waltz in there and grab a couple pairs though. They are anticipating a big crowd, so get there early (and stay out of my way!).

They will be selling ladies clothing, shoes, handbags, and accessories.

I’m mostly excited about the shoes, which will range in price from $69.95 for cute ballerina flats to $299 for some kick ass thigh high boots. If you’re  not familiar with Jimmy Choo (seriously?…we can’t really be friends!!!) their shoes normally range from $600-$1,200.

The shoes are AMAZING! I thought they would be some sort of lower quality styles. No way. I’ve got my eyes on 3 pair.

They will also be selling their Jimmy Choo purses, clothing, and accessories.

But wait, the fun doesn’t stop with the Jimmy Choo ladies line. They will also have Jimmy Choo for men: shoes, clothing, wallets, bags/briefcases, and belts.

Don’t sleep on this one guys. Check their website before you camp out in your sleeping bag. The H&M Jimmy Choo debut will only be at a handful of select H & M stores.

See you biatches there. Hopefully I’ll be in front of you at the checkout line.


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