Funky Fresh

Morris decided since his future wife was in his Kindergarten class, it was time to take her a ring. I was shocked at his compassion for his beloved. So, he found the shiniest piece of metal that a quarter could buy and slept with it next to his pillow.

The next day we’re off to school extremely excited, bubble gum machine ring in hand. Mo is ready to profess his love to dear sweet, Nova. I couldn’t wait to hear the juicy details of the engagement at pick up.

Me: Mo, how did it go with the ring? Did you give Nova the ring?

Mo:Yeah, I gave it to her.

Me: Well….what did she say? Did she love it?

Mo: I don’t think so. She gave it away to her best friend.

Me: (I’m crushed) Oh no….honey, I’m so sorry. How does that make you feel?

Mo: I don’t really care. I’m not giving her another ring though. Ever.

Me: (thinking “I could have bought a handful of Skittles with that quarter”) Ok, it’s your choice. Whatever you decide…

Mo: (Silence)…

So, a week goes by and Mo keeps talking about how he doesn’t care that Nova gave his ring away. I walk in the house today, and this is what I see:

My first thought is that Mo picked out his Halloween costume. Nope, he explains that not only did he buy 5 new shiny rings, he got 3 necklaces and plans to wear them to school and “not give Nova any!”.

We’ll see how this one works out, and hopefully he won’t develop a neck and finger rash.

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