Mommy and Me

Everyone says your second child’s growing up process goes much quicker than the first. I couldn’t agree more.

Last week Bronson started a mommy and me program at the preschool he will attend. Yahoo, wonderful, cheers….it’s kind of funny though. When Morris was 15 months, he had already explored Gymboree, Kindermusic, Sunnyside Mommy and Me, and My Gym. What a neurotic mom I was! Wow. As if I can put all that on his Yale application.

Here Bronson is at 15 months and attending his first “organized” event. Gasp…And guess what, I’m sure he’ll go on and experience normal development despite the fact that some moms might consider my efforts to socialize him as lackluster. Even funnier, he actually did better as far as separation went than a more “socially exposed” Morris did at the same age.

So, what I’ve learned is that kids will be fine. I didn’t rush to get on all the “lists” in LA for exclusive mommy and me playgroups. WHO CARES? I don’t have the patience or energy for that now. Those things ended up being more stressful than helpful. I trusted my gut with Bronson and didn’t get caught up in all the studies and articles proclaiming children needed to be in Mozart music class, etc to be a successful crawler.


I live in an area where parents start academic tutoring for their kids at 4 years old to get a leg up on private school admissions. Other children are getting private coaches in instruments, voice lessons, sports, and acting before they can tie their shoes (Ok, so I’ll admit, Morris had a private basketball coach at age 3….LOL…that’s different though).

I’m just gonna try and enjoy Bronson while I can and be supportive and encouraging as he explores and finds his interests. Until then, I enjoy having him as my roadee, going with me to the grocery store, public parks, Target, and shuttling Morris around. I’m sure he’s taking in an abundance of knowledge just being around me and Morris all day. 

Heaven help us…

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